Our family’s goal has always been to provide great tasting meat you can feel good about.

We strive to do things the right way, making choices that benefit our customers, the environment and the cattle. We believe it starts with American family farmers – no one is more important when it comes to tending to the land.

Strauss family farmers raise their cattle at nature’s pace. Cattle graze on open pastures, doing their part to protect the fragile grassland ecosystem. Strauss farmers believe as we do – if we take care of the land, the land will take care of our cattle, and the cattle will take care of us.

Our farmers do not rely on chemical fertilizers and fossil fuels to produce bumper crops. They believe that sustainable agricultural practices are vital to protect the future for all.

To accomplish this goal, we are asking for your support. Your choice in beef matters. By purchasing just 1LB of American-raised grass fed beef a week you can help change the industry by supporting American farmers who are doing the right thing for our animals and our Earth.

Take the 1LB Challenge.


Tim & Randy Strauss