Think 1LB can’t make a difference? Think again. 

What good can swapping out one pound of the beef you regularly buy for one pound of American-raised, grass fed beef each week do? A lot actually.  

It may seem like a small request, but if enough Americans make this small change it will have a meaningful, positive impact on everything from protecting water quality to rebuilding soil health. This one small change is powerful enough to prevent dangerous erosion while protecting America’s important grasslands. It would improve water quality from the local farm all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico.  

Contrary to popular belief, beef raised on a 100% grass fed and finished diet makes a significant and positive contribution to environment. By simply eating grass, cattle keep grass green and growing – helping this super-hero plant to sequester carbon from the atmosphere, capture rainwater, reduce erosion, and build healthy organic matter in the soil. Combined, all these benefits regenerate lost topsoil, and do a very important job in protecting our earth. This process is so important it is actually referred to a “regenerative” agriculture.  And it can only be achieved with proper grazing.  


Preserving a million acres of grasslands: it’s possible!  

There are 129 million households in the United States. If each American household took on the 1LBchallenge to purchase American-raised, grass fed beef instead of grain-fed commodity beef or imported grass fed beef, the environmental benefits would be tremendous for all of us. For starters, we could prevent 108 million pounds of excess nitrogen and phosphorous off our lands and save six billion tons of topsoil!  


An investment in the future 

Making the change to American-raised, grass fed and finished beef may cost a little extra at the grocery store, but think of all we’d be getting in return: cleaner water, cleaner air, healthier soil, and economic stability for American family farmers and fishermen in the Gulf Coast… the list goes on. Besides buying a beef that’s better for your family, you’re also buying a better future for us all. Now that’s an investment worth making.  


Challenge your friends and family 

If you believe a better future is possible like we do, invite your friends and family to join you in taking the 1LBchallenge! Let’s try to get as many American households participating as we possibly can. Let’s create that better future we all believe in. Won’t you join us?