you have the power to make sustainable change.

Don’t be fooled by confusing labels.

It is common to find grass fed beef from Uruguay, New Zealand and Australia on store shelves across America.

Thanks to complex trade agreements, if meat was ground, cut, packaged or processed in a US facility, it can be legally labeled as “Product of USA.”

Authentic, American-raised grass fed beef will be labeled with these words:
‘Born and Raised in the USA’

Where is your beef from? Ask your butcher if the label doesn’t state country of origin.

Your Purchase Matters.

The Power of 1 LB?

For the cost of a morning latte, you can protect our children’s future.
There are over 129 million households in the U.S. today. Together we can make a difference.
1 LB a week will:
  • Preserve and replant millions of pasture acres and protect America’s vulnerable grassland
  • Keep millions of pounds of chemicals off land, vs tilled acreage
  • Prevent millions of tons of soil erosion
  • Help reverse toxic algae blooms that cause Dead Zones

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