Our family has teamed up with the following partners to build a better future and preserve two of our planet’s most vital resources: water & land.

Michael Agricultural Institute
Water Protection

Recognizing agriculture is one of the biggest contributors of nutrient water pollution, Strauss has pledged to support the Michael Fields Agricultural Institute, a non-profit organization that studies and promotes sustainable agricultural techniques that protect the quality of our water through ecologically resilient food and farming systems such as sustainably managed pasture grazing.

American Prairie Reserve
Land Management

The Strauss family acknowledges pasture-based land management as a key building block for the future of sustainable agriculture and supports American Prairie Reserve in its mission to create the largest Reserve in the U.S. by assembling 3.5 million acres of native prairie grasslands. Local ranchers are critical in this process and are rewarded for wildlife-friendly ranching practices.


Strauss Brands Launches 1LB Challenge
Meat industry leader rallies support for American pasture-raising

Strauss Brands Expands Environmental Stewardship, Launches
National Partnerships, Franklin, WI (March 22, 2018)

Meat Industry leader teams up with non-profits to renew and refuel America’s ecosystem. Read More (PDF)

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